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Kratom FAQ
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More Details
More Details
Kratom FAQ


Mitragyna speciosa commonly called kratom, kratum, or krathom is a tropical deciduous and evergreen tree in the coffee family native to Southeast Asia in the Indochina, Malaysia and Thailand floristic regions. It has broad, oval leaves that taper to points, yellow flowers that grow in clusters, and winged seeds. The leaf of the tree has been traditionally used for its medicinal properties. Mitragyna speciosa is a psychoactive tree in the sense that the leaves of the tree have been chewed to promote an uplifting mood and to treat a large number of health problems.

40 unique compounds have been found in the Kratom leaves. The primary active chemicals are mitragynine, mitraphylline, and 7-hydroxymitragynine, all are alkaloids found in the Kratom leaves. Kratom leaves have been chewed for stimulant, sedative, and euphoric effects by people in Thailand and South Asia for centuries.

Kratom can also be smoked, brewed as a tea, or made into an extract for gelatin capsules and taken orally.


Kratom has been used for its anti-depressant effects and many chronic pain patients report that kratom has greatly improved the quality of their lives. It has also been suggested as a use by some users as an effective treatment in high blood pressure. None of this is scientifically proven, but there are reports of people using it for these issues and them benefitting from it.

Kratom effects differ from person to person depending on the amount used, tolerance of user, and amount ingested. The effects of Kratom can be both energizing as well as relaxing. Higher doses act as a relaxant, while lower doses tend to be more stimulating.   The effects of Kratom can usually be felt about 20-30 minutes after ingestion.  For a new user, the effects can last from 4-6 hours.  People who have built up a tolerance can usually feel the effects for about 3-4 hours.  Some of the effects of Kratom can include:

Relaxation at higher doses
Pain relief
Sexual Increase
Sense of well-being
Dream like state
More friendly and talkative
Stimulation at lower doses
Anxiety relief
Help with depression


For kratom beginners, we suggest trying
Tigers Blood, Pissed of Elephant, or Phoenix 30X. For kratom enthusiast we suggest: Phoenix 50X, Pit Viper, SEI, or Roxxie's. If capsules aren't your cup of tea we suggest liquid kratom: Lucky Liquid, Kratomite or Vicozen for tea flavored shots.


For those new to kratom, it's recommended to start small to discover just how much is necessary to achieve optimum effects.
Traditionally Kratom has been chewed, in raw leaf form, by people in Thailand and neighboring Southeast Asia countries. Kratom is not seen as a drug and there is no stigma associated with kratom use or discrimination against kratom eaters. It has been a part of traditional culture for thousands of years and is common in traditional cultural performances.

Dried leaves can also be chewed, but since they are a bit tough, most people prefer to crush them up or powder them so that they can be swallowed. Powdered Kratom can be mixed with fruit juice or apple sauce. This partially masks the taste and allows it to be quickly swallowed. Dried Kratom leaves are often made into a tea that is strained and then drunk (this is the most frequently used method in the West). Kratom can be smoked, but doing so has no advantage over chewing or making a tea from it. Small pellets of this extract can be swallowed, or it can be dissolved in hot water and consumed as a tea. Some people like to mix Kratom tea with ordinary black tea, or other herbal teas, before it is consumed. This is done to make it more palatable. Sugar or honey can be added to sweeten it..


It must be noted that though few legal prohibitions currently exist on the sale, purchase, or consumption of kratom in the United States, kratom has not been approved by the FDA for medical use. Outside of Thailand, very little research has been conducted on the efficacy or long-term consequences of Kratom use, and all claims regarding its effects are largely based on anecdotal accounts. By placing an order on this site, you must agree to this legal disclaimer and our terms and conditions
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